Life is Ruff So Get a Dog -or- That K9-o-Mine is Devine

As far back as I can remember there was always a dog in the picture. Our first dog was a Black Labrador named Mini, named after one of my father’s old Mounty (RCMP) buddies. Our second, Mini 2. Next was a Beagle named Oscar (no idea where the name came from). Then there was our dumb-as-a-post Shar-Pei Marty (I was a huge fan of the “Back To The Future” trilogy). So, I guess I can say with a degree of certainty that I’m a dog guy.

In October of 2013 we lost our Bernese Mountain Dog, Toblerone. She lived longer than the average Berner to 10.5 years and was the first dog who’s death I was present for. I took her in to the vet after a change in her behaviour. She had become lethargic and would lie in the same spot for the entire day. Toblerone's early yearsI figured they’d give her some meds and send us packing but a quick ultrasound later and the next thing I knew she was fitted with an IV of pentobarbital and within seconds she was gone. We had been forced to make an on-the-spot decision to have her put down due to a close-to-rupturing spleen. I used to think people who lost a pet were a bit strange when they’d be going on like they’d just lost a child or something to that effect. Then we lost Tobie and it put it all into perspective. Continue reading Life is Ruff So Get a Dog -or- That K9-o-Mine is Devine

Catching Yourself Succeeding -or- I lost 25lbs And Can’t Find It Anywhere!

When Thing 1… er… our first child was born in 2009 I took parental leave from work for six months. Yeah, we can do that here. One of the many benefits of living in Canada. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made (next to buying a life-size stormtrooper). Now, being that it was our first child and my wife was doing a whole lotta breastfeeding, there wasn’t a helluva lot for me to do at times. So I did what any self-respecting father would do. I took up running.

There was a time when I would get winded running to the end of the driveway (single car parking). But after a few weeks I was running 12k or more just for fun. I shed the pounds about as fast as my dog’s winter coat. In no time I was slim and trim and ready to go back to work as the new me. Two years later, our second child was born. Completely different story! Continue reading Catching Yourself Succeeding -or- I lost 25lbs And Can’t Find It Anywhere!

Going Out Of My Way For Your Comfort -or- I Wasn’t Doing Anything Officer!

We all have our little quirks. Some more apparent than others. Some are more abundant than others and then there are some that are downright inappropriate, transcending illegal. But in the end, they make us who we are.

Now, I’m not perfect by any sense of the word but I do go out of my way at times to make others feel comfortable. Sometimes I go too far out of my way and my OCD kicks in, takes over and the KD Mack you know ceases to exist, albeit briefly.

When I’m at the barber shop getting my hairs clipped, I habitually keep my hands from slipping underneath the sheet. This is solely for the comfort of my hair stylist who is almost always female. I want her to see where my hands are at ALL times. I’m trying to let her know, speaking unspoken words, “I’m not a pervert.” Do I really have to do that? No, but quirks are what they are. Continue reading Going Out Of My Way For Your Comfort -or- I Wasn’t Doing Anything Officer!

That Samuel L. Jackson Guy -or- Girl Advice From Nick Fury

Curtain opens, we fade in. I’m sitting in a classroom as I write this listening to my partner yammer on to kids about the evils of Social Media. I’m not listening. I’m typing…

Your’s truly and Geena Davis’ makeup gal, Tricia Sawyer.

Strike the harp and we flashback to April 1996! It’s an overcast day. There are still patches of wet snow on the ground. Evidently, Spring has sprung.

I’m working on set, just over halfway through making a horrible movie called “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (sorry, I needed the money). I’m the on-set-production assistant. Not a very glorious title but it was one of the best times I’d ever have working in the film and TV biz. My job was to deliver mail, scripts, and everything else under the sun to the cast and crew working on set. Continue reading That Samuel L. Jackson Guy -or- Girl Advice From Nick Fury

Welcome To Your 40’s -or- Out With Gout 2016

It’s a widely-known fact amongst my family and friends that I like scotch. OK, I don’t just “like” scotch, I LOVE scotch. My father-in-law is from Glasgow, Scotland and he’s responsible for introducing me to the sauce. “Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve” is my fave in case any of you are looking for that perfect gift for me. Or “Blue Label” if you wanna pool together the population of a small country to get me a bottle.

Among my list of guilty pleasures is shrimp. Well, most seafood really. Being from Nova Scotia I consider myself a connoisseur of such delicacies. Then there’s red meat. Oh, and I can’t forget the Tryptophan Express: turkey with LOTS of gravy. Love that stuff!!

Now, having said all that, research has proven that all the above contributes to a wonderful disease known as gout. What is “gout” you ask? By definition… Continue reading Welcome To Your 40’s -or- Out With Gout 2016

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