Category: Short Stories

The Funeral -or- a Short, SHORT Story About Death

167, 168, 169, 200, 201… Why do ceiling tiles have all those tiny little holes? I imagine back in the day it was so the asbestos above them could breathe. Dead, I look up from my coffin staring at a brown water stain on a warped ceiling tile. So warped, in fact, that I expect it will fall on me at any moment. Be a shame to mess up my face after the mortician worked so hard to get me just right. So, this is how it all ends; laying in a bargain basement casket, made from God-only-knows what kinda

The Day I Altered The Future -or- Leave The Worms Be

Over the past few days I’ve had a recurring memory of a day two years ago when I was out jogging. It could be nothing. It could mean the end of the Universe!! I was out for a run in the spring of 2017, like I still do nearly everyday. Little did I know that that day would be different. I was running past our local community center adjacent to a field vacant of any greenery. The result of the ongoing construction that would eventually give birth to a new suburban neighborhood. I bounced along the path with ACDC’s “Back